About Us

We aim to create landscape of the highest aesthetic level possible and to embody the principle of natural beauty in all we create.

The practice is lead by Lead Designer A.K.Varma, who take a hands on role in leading the design and implementation of each project. To this end we employ a variety of highly skilled specialists including conceptual designers, graphic artists, visualisers and a significant technical department to ensure that our ideas are physically realised and properly maintained.

We are committed to sustainable design and to maximising positive environmental impact at inception, detailed design, implementation and during after care. We aim to engage the user in all of our schemes, to invite surprise and delight and to elevate landscape design from the mundane into a work of fine art.

Much of what we do, both urban and suburban, borrows from inspiration gained from the natural world which organises itself on a sustainable basis. In addition we aim, by design, to make our landscapes playful for children, adults and older people alike. We hope to rediscover the child inside and to re-connect it to the landscape which it remembers and loves